About Us

Serving Others.
Lives Transformed!

JUBILEE TRANSITION HOMES is a place for people (Only men at this time) to transition from homelessness to self-sufficiency.

We are a faith-based ministry in partnership with other community agencies, churches and ministries. Together we demonstrate caring for the needy and marginalized among us through transitional homes. We support the greater cause of seeing our community expressly loving God and each other. We see our contribution as caring for the needy among us through transitional homes.

These homes are directly overseen by live in managers and indirectly managed by our board of directors. Our goal for each of our residents is that upon leaving Jubilee they will be gainfully employed and have an apartment or home of their own that they are able to maintain.

  • Our model is build around mentorship.

  • We provide a safe and supportive environment.

  • We help restore lives through the love of Christ.

  • We cultivate relationships.

Our Board

Our current Board of Directors consists of six positions plus an Executive Director.  In addition to our Board of Directors, we have a sixteen-member Advisory Board composed of representatives from the community.

Gerry Pruyn  (Term: 2011- 2017) | Executive Director

Joyce Brors (Term: 2014-2017) | Director

Julie Van Etten (Term: 2015- 2017) | Director

Libbie Bailey (Term: 2015- 2017) | Director

Daniel LaChuga (Term: 2015-2017) | Director

Annette Mulligan (Term: 2016-2018) | Board Chair